▪    Responsibility

▪    Repeat from memory and accept the Adventurer Law.

▪    Reinforcement

▪    Obtain the Sunbeam Reading Certificate by reading or listening to, either the Book Club selection from the ABC or two books from the five topics listed in the resource manual.



1   His Plan To Save Me

i                    Create a story chart showing Jesus’:

i                                    Birth

ii                                   Life

iii                                  Death

iv                                  Resurrection



ii                   Make a mural or tell about one of the stories above to show someone the joy of being saved by Jesus.

2   His Message To Me

i                    Explain two Bible verses about being saved by Jesus:

i                                    Matthew 22:37-39

ii                                   1 John 1:9

iii                                  Isaiah 1:18

iv                                  Romans 6:23



ii                   Name the two major parts of the Bible and name the four gospels.

iii                  Earn the Friend of Jesus Adventurer Award.

3   His Power in My Life

i                    Spend a regular quiet time with Jesus to talk with Him and learn about Him.

ii                   Ask three people why they study the Bible.



1   I Am Special

2   Make a tracing of yourself. Decorate it with pictures and words which tell good things about you.

3   I Can Make Wise Choices

4   Play the What If? Game.

5   I Can Care For My Body

6   Earn the Fitness Fun Adventurer Award.



1   I Have A Family

2   Ask each member of your family to tell some of their favorite memories.

3   Families Care For Each Other

4   Show how Jesus can help you deal with disagreements. Use:

i                    Puppets

ii                   Role playing

iii                  Other



5   My Family Helps Me Care For Myself

6   Earn the Road Safety Adventurer Award.



I    The World of Friends

II   Earn the Courtesy Adventurer Award.

III  The World of Other People

A                  Explore your neighborhood. List things that are good and things you could help make better.

B                  From your list, choose ways and spend time making your neighborhood better.

IV The World of Nature

Earn the Friend of Nature Adventurer Award.