Basic Requirements

My God

1 – His Plan To Save Me

i ) Create a story chart showing the order in which these events took place:

ii ) Draw a picture or tell about one of the stories above to show someone how much Jesus cares for you.

2 – His Message To Me

i ) Earn the Bible I Adventurer Award.

3 – His Power in My Life

i ) Spend a regular quiet time with Jesus to talk with Him and learn about Him.

ii ) Ask three people why they pray.

My Self

1 – I Am Special

i ) Make a booklet showing different people who care for you as Jesus would.

2 – I Can Make Wise Choices

i ) Name at least four different feelings.

ii ) Play the Feelings Game.

3 – I Can Care For My Body

i ) Earn the Health Specialist Adventurer Award.

My Family

1 – I Have A Family

i ) Draw or cut out a picture showing something special about each member of your family.

2 – Families Care For Each Other

i ) Discover what the fifth commandment (Exodus 20:12) tells you about families.

ii ) Act out three ways you can honor your family.

3 – My Family Helps Me Care For Myself

i ) Earn the Safety Specialist Adventurer Award.